22 children all 5 and under
July 21, 2009, 3:52 am
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Today was a hard day at work.

I was working with the ‘Mini-Kidz’ today which means that their ages could be 3-5 years old. We were also under staffed, and had twenty-two children! I had also only had seven hours of sleep and it took me hours to get fully awake this morning.

I worked for 9 hours straight, i missed my lunch break (oops)

It was exhausting, but good in the end.

I got home and called this lady I babysit for that asked me if I could babysit all saturday and stay the night and watch them Sunday as well. I agreed, and just said that I had to work Saturday night, for a few hours. Right after I hung up the phone with her I checked my e-mail and got an oppurtunity to be a missionary advisor on a trip to Alaska leaving Saturday.

I have gotten one of my jobs to let me off for three weeks, and I am calling my other job tomorrow morning…please pray for me! Pray that God will close the door if it is not what I should do, and open it wide if it is…and that I can get out of the babysitting job as well.



July 19, 2009, 10:01 pm
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Today I felt like blogging. So here I go.

I was in church today thinking about a million other things that what my sunday school teacher was talking about it. One thing that was on my mind was having a ‘mentor’.
Currently life is overwhelming, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I feel like there is a lot on my plate emotionally that I have to deal with.
-saying goodbye to a family of twelve who has lived with us for 6 months.
-saying hello to having my sister and her husband move in with us indefinitely.
-coming to terms with staying at home this fall.
-a boyfriend?!
-What in the world am I doing when January comes?!

I am overwhelmed and am remembering what some wise people once told, ‘you need a mentor in your life’

My question is how? How do you ‘pick’ a mentor? How do you ‘trust’ and ‘respect’ them?

Do you have a mentor?