The winds are changing….
January 29, 2009, 12:29 am
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I have some exciting news.

I am moving to Thunder Bay, Canada!
I am turning a page in the ‘book’ of life. I have chosen a path less traveled, and also not the easiest. I love to have fun, but through the choices I’ve made and I believe that God wants me to make and things that I have been forced to do, I have had to ‘grow up’ at a early age.
I have chosen to stay on that path by taking this job. I have chosen this job first because I believe that God wants me to take this job and also to save money as much as humanly possible, to go to school, and continue in the maturing process by moving away from home.
I will be gone (again) for 6-8 months. I am hoping to save up around 6-8 thousand dollars depending on how long I will be there.
I am excited to go and be able to help this family, and to be able to go to their church (which sounds fantastic!)
It is hard to be excited while I am at home, because I am hurting my parents and friends again by leaving. I will be leaving in a little over two weeks (Feb. 15th.)
This week is a tough one. I will be telling all of my friends that I am leaving, packing and trying to spend as much time with my family as possible.

Please pray for me as I transition into this new phase of life.
Thank you!!


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is it a nanny job?

i am so, so proud of you. and i love you way more than i’ve shown in recent weeks.

Comment by alece

I’m really excited for you!

Comment by mandie

Yes it is a nanny/housekeeping/cook job. The Mom and Dad work a lot, so they need lots of help and the two girls need a lot of attention. I am starting/trying to get excited.

Comment by ktmiller

Yay! I’m really excited for you.

And, I’ll definitely be praying for you. Leaving is tough…

Comment by Katie

Thanks Katie! I really appreciate it!

Comment by ktmiller

that sounds so great, and like something you will totally thrive in. i am really so proud of you.

Comment by alece

Of all places in the world…Canada? lol jk. Any way I am proud of you and keep me updated on what is going on.

Comment by Matt Moline


i love you 🙂

Comment by jaceinafrica08

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