Something New,Old,Borrowed and Blue
January 6, 2009, 5:49 am
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Now don’t worry I am not getting married (or am anywhere close) I just thought it would be neat to think of things that have recently happened or that you have gotten that are significant to you that fall into these four categories. Here we go!

Something New: I recently drove to Virginia, it was the first time I did the trek by myself (new!) and I looked at (with my good friend and her family) last years resolutions that we all had made and made new ones for 2009.

Something Old: While I was in Virginia I was looking for a shirt to wear in my bag (which I haven’t used since I visited her last year) and I found my favorite shirt that I had thought was lost forever!

Something Borrowed: I had recently been falling asleep each night to the ‘August Rush’ soundtrack, it is the perfect blend of instrumental and singing. I borrowed the CD from my friend Heather.

Something Blue: I have a turquoise (does that count as blue?) hat that is sitting next to my computer, that is my favorite hat! I got it with my good friend Mandie Sodoma last time I visited her in Washington state (mine is turquoise her’s is purple!) I will be visiting her for the first time in two years, on the 15th!

Well those are mine, what are some of yours? 🙂



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i love that you did this — so creative.

i bought some new long-sleeve non-frumpy shirts to replace my old frumpy way-too-big ones. i’m borrowing my friend’s car so i can be mobile; sitting home all day everyday would make me blue!

Comment by alece

Thanks Alece!
Bonus points for combining something old and new!

Comment by ktmiller

When I saw this title in my Google Reader I was a little bit confused. Thank you for clarifying. haha.

I like finding things that you thought were forever lost. Happiness.
And the something blue is my favorite. I have something purple quite like it. Can’t wait to see you!

Comment by mandie

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