The winds are changing….
January 29, 2009, 12:29 am
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I have some exciting news.

I am moving to Thunder Bay, Canada!
I am turning a page in the ‘book’ of life. I have chosen a path less traveled, and also not the easiest. I love to have fun, but through the choices I’ve made and I believe that God wants me to make and things that I have been forced to do, I have had to ‘grow up’ at a early age.
I have chosen to stay on that path by taking this job. I have chosen this job first because I believe that God wants me to take this job and also to save money as much as humanly possible, to go to school, and continue in the maturing process by moving away from home.
I will be gone (again) for 6-8 months. I am hoping to save up around 6-8 thousand dollars depending on how long I will be there.
I am excited to go and be able to help this family, and to be able to go to their church (which sounds fantastic!)
It is hard to be excited while I am at home, because I am hurting my parents and friends again by leaving. I will be leaving in a little over two weeks (Feb. 15th.)
This week is a tough one. I will be telling all of my friends that I am leaving, packing and trying to spend as much time with my family as possible.

Please pray for me as I transition into this new phase of life.
Thank you!!


Something New,Old,Borrowed and Blue
January 6, 2009, 5:49 am
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Now don’t worry I am not getting married (or am anywhere close) I just thought it would be neat to think of things that have recently happened or that you have gotten that are significant to you that fall into these four categories. Here we go!

Something New: I recently drove to Virginia, it was the first time I did the trek by myself (new!) and I looked at (with my good friend and her family) last years resolutions that we all had made and made new ones for 2009.

Something Old: While I was in Virginia I was looking for a shirt to wear in my bag (which I haven’t used since I visited her last year) and I found my favorite shirt that I had thought was lost forever!

Something Borrowed: I had recently been falling asleep each night to the ‘August Rush’ soundtrack, it is the perfect blend of instrumental and singing. I borrowed the CD from my friend Heather.

Something Blue: I have a turquoise (does that count as blue?) hat that is sitting next to my computer, that is my favorite hat! I got it with my good friend Mandie Sodoma last time I visited her in Washington state (mine is turquoise her’s is purple!) I will be visiting her for the first time in two years, on the 15th!

Well those are mine, what are some of yours? 🙂


Job Search
January 2, 2009, 4:23 am
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I have been searching for a job on and off since I have gotten home.

My ideal job is anywhere from receptionist to au pair/nanny.

Now this job is short term (about 6 months) till I raise enough money to get back out onto the missions field (details yet to be determined.)

But job searching sucks. For the past two weeks I have been searching for a job almost non-stop.

It started out by only picking to apply to jobs that I really wanted to do, now it has come to applying for any job in my field.

In my e-mail I have two folders, one called ‘Jobs’ and one called ‘Reject Jobs’

In the ‘reject’ folder, is ones that I have thought looked sketchy, or ones that have rejected me. My reject folder is twice as big as my ‘jobs’ folder.

I had the ‘perfect’ job, but because of my traveling in January, the person needed me sooner, and picked someone else.

Job searching is definatly, no fun. Yet God has got a job for me somewhere. I just need now. Now, now (please!)

What have been your experiences ‘job searching’ good or bad?