Let Freedom Ring
December 7, 2008, 4:22 am
Filed under: Chapter 2: Beautiful Decision

When I woke up this morning, one question popped into my head.

‘What does it mean to be free?’

Using my awesome new Bible (courtesy of Mandie Sodoma) I looked up the word freedom in the concordance.
The first scripture was Psalms 119:45 which simply says that David was free in the God because he was devoted to God’s commands.
I kept on reading
David goes on to say that he is unashamed to tell kings about God’s commands.
Suddenly it all clicked. For me freedom means being unashamed.
We are free in Christ so therefore should never be ashamed.

Sin brings shame.
Christ brings freedom.



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“sin brings shame. Christ brings freedom.”

that’s the essence of the Gospel summed up in six words.

Comment by alece

I really like your view on this, made me think for a while. Blessings!!

Comment by Matt Moline

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