December 6, 2008, 5:50 am
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Today I got to drive…

I first got to ‘chauffeur’ my Mom around all day, and then got the okay that I could drive alone again! (freedom!)

Tonight I went out with my very good friend to a Christmas concert.

The concert was wonderful, and after stopping by Starbucks it had gotten pretty late. So on my way home I had my music blaring just in case I started to get tiered.

It was a fun way home, full of singing Christmas songs way off key and I accidental drag raced for the first time…and won.

Then just a few minutes later was passed by a semi-truck.

Also on this lovely ride  home I thought that a deer was going to hit me…

I love driving!


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“i accidentally drag raced” – mipps, you crack me up!

Comment by alece

way too win on the drag race!

i still haven’t driven yet. i’m going to drive this morning though. can’t wait!

Comment by Marc

Okay so here’s kinda what happened, this guy pulled away from a green light very quickly, only to have to stop at a red light that was very close, but I went slowly and so at the next light was able to go faster than him…and apparently he wanted to drag race more or was mad, because he started honking at me. I don’t know, but it made me laugh! And it made me make sure my lights were on haha!

Comment by ktmiller

i would have loved to be in your car for that!

Comment by alece

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