Like an Mac commercial come true
December 6, 2008, 4:01 pm
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A couple of days ago I went to a very big mall by my house for the first time since I have been home.

There were a lot of new things to get used to (like getting your teeth whitened in a kiosk at the mall?!)

After shopping for a while with my friend, we saw a Sony store and decided to pop in.

Now both my friend and I have mac’s.

We sat down at one of the computers and were playing around, when a sales man came up to us and asked if we were considering buying a PC. We both politely said no, that we were just stopping in. He didn’t take the hint.

He proceeded to show us about this cool thing called ‘Skype.’ I told yes, it saved my life in South Africa (when it was working.)

Then he asked us what kind of computer we both have, we said that we have Mac’s.

This is where the games began.

He went off for another fifteen minutes about how everyone thinks that Mac’s are better, but PC’s have this and that and the other. Thanks to Marc I was able to say that I have everything that he said that Mac’s do not have.

He sadly had to go on break, after bombarding us with questions and stories about his computer hacking days and how easy it is to hack into a Mac.

We then sneaked out of the store quickly!

I wish that Marc could meet this sales man. It would be like a Mac commercial come to real life!

Marc I have his business card if you want it.



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That is too funny. I would have loved to be there for debate! But I’m sure I wouldn’t have had to since you’re a Mac pro now! Way to go!

Comment by Marc

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