so sorry!
November 15, 2008, 11:27 pm
Filed under: Chapter 1: Vision Expedition

O my have I been bad at blogging!

I wish I had a better excuse, other than that the Internet went out for about four days this week.

Let me try and catch you up on some exciting stuff!

1.) Launchpad graduations-amazing! The learners, grew in the Lord, in their leadership, in all ways possible they grew! Including growing close to my heart! I will miss them and am SO proud of them!

2.) Last Hope House- We had a ‘celebration’ party for our lat hope house, crystal, Matt and I made about 90 sugar cookies. Blue, pink and purple icing. 33 gift bags (including, bracelets,puzzles, jacks, and beanie babies!!) I LOVED being with those kids this year! I would do anything just to hug Teboho one more time…

3.) Shannonmas Party-Ms. Shanon Wing has her birthday after the internship is over, so we threw her a HUGE Shannonmas party ( it was our way to have a Christmas party and her birthday all at the same time!) Jody and I worked long and hard (yet super fun!) hours working on making tons (again!) sugar cookies that were stars, santa’s and little angels (or ginger bread women.) We made a shannonmas sign, snowflakes,a Christmas chain, had hot chocolate and whip cream, chips and a cotton ball snowman making station! Yet the very best part of this surprise party was Dave coming in a full Santa costume!! It was amazing!! Thanks Dave!

Sorry to have to give you such a broad over view.

I will be leaving for Cape town early Monday morning, for about ten days. The blogging will continue to be sporadic!



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