October 29, 2008, 8:58 pm
Filed under: Chapter 1: Vision Expedition

In the class that Alece teaches, Intro to World Missions, we are doing a project on studying different religions.

My fellow intern Marc and I has Orthodox Jews and Hinduism. In Hinduism on of the ways to move up in the caste system is by practicing yoga, so I decided to try yoga!

One of the staff members here had a yoga video for beginners (perfect!) So I started it on Sunday. Since Sunday, my yoga group has grown from one member to about five.

I also started to really like yoga! This yoga is faster pace, and helps develop your muscles while making you much more flexible! After tomorrow morning I will have done yoga 6 times since Sunday!

My favorite part of it is when the instructor says “keep your supporting leg stable and lift your flying leg, up into the air.”

Now go into down ward facing dog position, breath and relax.


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this is step one one in converting isn’t it?

Comment by alece

I love yoga too! Haven’t done it in so long. We will have to go to a yoga class together or something when you come visit me in Seattle. : )

Comment by mandie

you have eastern orthodox christians not jews.

im glad you like the yoga, it is supposed to be healthy.

Comment by Peirce

Alece: Yes, maybe step two, yoga is pretty hardcore for it to be step one. lol.

Mandie:YES! we must do some Yoga when I come and visit you! When I know any details about when I am going out there you shall be the first to know.

Peirce: Thats really funny that I said that, I guess I was just subconsciously hoping that you would switch me!

Comment by ktmiller

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