Adieu, Adios, Bye-Bye, Cheerio, Ciao, Godspeed and Goodbye
October 24, 2008, 7:15 pm
Filed under: Chapter 1: Vision Expedition

This week has been a week of goodbye’s

Starting on Monday, I had the realization that I had to end a wonderful friendship. The friendship ended on Wednesday.

Thursday evening all of the interns and staff said goodbye to Rebecca, who is on staff here at Thrive Africa and left a little earlier to go back to the states to do some fund-raising.

Friday afternoon all of the interns said goodbye to Anna and Jeanett, who are on kitchen staff. They prepare almost all of our meals and we see them about nine times a week on average. I will miss them a lot.

This week has been a little taste of what it will be like in a month when we all have to say goodbye to each other. I am not looking forward to that, though I am looking forward to what lies next for after this internship.


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Goodbyes are hard.
Here’s the beautiful part…the friendship isn’t really over…it’s just becoming a long distance relationship.
Trust me…the friendship will never end.
In fact, it’s probably just starting.

Comment by mandie

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