A not-so green thumb
October 17, 2008, 10:56 pm
Filed under: Chapter 1: Vision Expedition

I noticed about 4 months ago that a staff member here at Thrive Africa, named Dave had a rather large wart on his thumb. This wart was also very oddly shaped. It was not round like a dime, but more oval like a…oval.

That is where my quest began! I told him that his wart could be removed, rather painlessly too. He assured me that he had, had the wart for decades now and did not think that any doctor could do anything about it at this point. I kept on trying though!

I also was currently going through a wart removal process, though this wart was on my foot, so it was much less noticeable, but rather painful. Every time I went to go get my wart on my foot, re-injected and frozen, I would tell Dave how easy it was and show him my progress. After many weeks of nagging, I called in re-enforcements. This came as none other than Kelly Corder (another Thrive Africa staff member.) Now Kelly has known Dave a lot longer than I have, so when she asked Dave to get his wart removed and he said no, she went ahead and made him an appointment at the doctors office and took him there herself.

Now after 3 to 4 weeks of getting it injected and frozen the wart finally decided to skidaddle! Now when Dave when drips ketchup on his thumb, he can lick it off as any normal person would, and he can even give a thumbs up without ever wondering which thumb is up.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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hahaha.. dave should be proud that his thumb made an appearance on your blog.

and.. did you say painless? I clearly remember you lamenting about how painful it was.. : )

Comment by kaylen

True true it did have some pain…but i think the weirdest part was when my foot turned purple, but Dave’s thumb never turned purple haha.

Comment by ktmiller

it was also nearly black and moldy looking or something… wasn’t it?

Comment by Marc

Yes his thumb was…but then it fell off so it was all good!

Comment by ktmiller

wait.. his thumb fell off? WHAT?!

Comment by kaylen

p.s. you’re tagged. look at my latest post to see what’s up.

Comment by kaylen

No his thumb didn’t fall off…it just looks a lot thinner now.

Comment by ktmiller

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