From Cults to Seminary…
October 6, 2008, 7:57 pm
Filed under: Chapter 1: Vision Expedition

Not many activities can be as diverse as cults, seminary, and medicine. But today I found myself doing an activity that dealt with those three, and more. My fellow interns (Crystal, Peirce, Jody and Jace) and I inventoried hundreds of books, from all different kinds of topics! Some books were called “how to cope” others “Why cope when you can conquer”

All in all, it was surprisingly amusing, and even sometimes exciting to see what people are writing about.       One box that I “called” to inventory was a box of medical books, from surgery to nursing. I was was quite excited about it, and even at one point found myself reading the titles of the articles inside, to see if I wanted to borrow the nursing magazine. 🙂

So I think the moral for today is: Never judge a book by its cover. (Today it was literal)


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Too true.
Have fun with inventory. : )

Comment by mandie

haha, we went through some CRAZY books while we were doing it last week. the marriage books were.. ahem.. interesting. oh, and I found a couple of “men’s manuals”. I didn’t dare open them.. : )

Comment by kaylen

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