Every book needs a title…
October 5, 2008, 2:54 pm
Filed under: Chapter 1: Vision Expedition

I feel as though I am starting a new chapter of the internship I am currently doing in South Africa, with the organization Thrive Africa. We have reached the point of the internship where we only have two months left, which makes us all want to run with vigor to the finish line! Also last two weeks, half of the interns had family here, my Dad was here. Now My Dad has left on Friday and is now in Zambia  doing orphanage ministry. While we were leaving the airport after saying goodbye to all of the family members, my fellow intern Jace, made the comment that we are “starting a new chapter” I felt that this statement described my feelings exactly (thanks Jace!) So as I start this new chapter, I thought I would join the blog world to bring a little spice to the new chapter.

So my title for this chapter is: Vision Expedition


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dude we are starting a new chapter and i can’t wait to start, oh wait it has finally started. Katie we have finally entered the blogger world.

check mine out–

Comment by jaceinafrica08

welcome.. : )

Comment by kaylen

oh, and since I committed to commenting on your page, I’d best see you on mine lady.

Comment by kaylen

Glad you started a blog. Weird that this is technically the last chapter but I’m glad that we can all experience it together as interns.

Comment by Peirce

Kaylen-Don’t worry I will!

Peirce-this isn’t the last chapter, but just another chapter in the awesome book of life!

Comment by ktmiller

Katie Bug!
You entered the blog world!
First…I can’t wait to see what this chapter of life in SA brings for you.
Second…I am immensely proud of you.
Third…I miss you oodles and oodles of ramen noodles.
love you.
the end.

Comment by mandie

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